A great storm

Coming over the brow of the hill a huge, billowing, ominous cloud came into view. Until this moment the sky had been a solid blue. The birds had been squawking, the cicadas whistling, but there was now a cool breeze rushing through the jungle. A storm was approaching.

This was not the first storm of the season. We are used to them here, but there was something different about this one, the speed at which it came on, the ferocity of the rain as it enveloped us. This was something new, something of such awe that it was difficult not to just marvel at its scale and might ...but you could tell it was going to bring damage.

Make no mistake, we are in a storm right now, the likes of which virtually none of us have experienced. This is nature doing her thing.

We may well be in humanity's first great test of this new century, a test of our resilience, our ingenuity and our ability to come together.

Given recent human history though, it may be difficult to imagine a positive outcome at this stage, what with all the ways we have abused our powers, the dereliction of our duties as custodians of the land and sea and the rise of the selfish gene. But as with all the pivotal moments throughout our history we can choose to be swept up in fear and insularity or we can search out something else.

This is a call then to anyone with a curious bone in their body - and that should be all of us! - Let's build towards a future that, in fifty years time, we can all look back on what we did this day, this week, this year and feel a warmth inside, glad that we spent our time creating with an open heart.
Let us use this time to learn, to practice and to make things that matter.

Here's to adaptation, courage and above all, kindness.