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The Battle of Bogside

by Clive Limpkin

(Revised 50th Anniversary Edition)
Published by Guildhall Press and Museum of Free Derry.
Paperback £12.95.

Clive Limpkin arrived in Derry in August 1969, on the eve of the Battle of the Bogside, as a photojournalist for the London Daily Sketch. He captured the turmoil of that period with intense reality and returned regularly over the next three years to record the city’s descent into armed conflict as decades of discrimination and simmering discontent erupted onto the streets.

A portfolio of his work, The Battle of Bogside, was first published in 1972 in the UK and USA. The images were exhibited in the Photographers’ Gallery and National Portrait Gallery in London and the book went on to win the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal from Life magazine in America. The citation read: For superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad

Some of Limpkin’s images from that time are now among the most iconic to emerge from the conflict in Ireland and will be instantly recognisable. Others will be less familiar, since the first edition of the book has long been out of print and has earned an almost mythical status among collectors.

This revised and expanded edition contains most of the original images along with twenty-seven additions to complete his stunning new collection. Fifty years on, it is a fitting testimony to Limpkin’s unique photographic account of events in Derry that shaped Ireland for decades afterwards.