I have worn many creative hats over the years. I have photographed, painted, sculpted, written, presented and designed. I have conceived and evolved brands and designed digital and physical products from one-off to industrial scale, working both solo and collaboratively with some of the most exciting minds around.

As a photographer, designer and sustainability advocate I recently came to see all of my individual creative fields as part of a whole. Collectively they can be used to communicate, teach and inspire.

We need to use any and all skills at our disposal to help drive positive, inclusive projects that hold our society and communities to a higher standard. We need to encourage empathy and sustainable education so I now use every creative means available - and collaborate with remarkable talents in their respective fields - to do our part.

If you would you like to discuss a project, share an idea or simply have a chat about bamboo, bokeh, beziers or boogie boarding, email me here