Photography has influenced the way I have seen the world even before I was sat, perched on top of this Land Rover. The idea of freezing a moment in time, storytelling through a single image, is in my DNA. I was even named in homage to the late, great Jacques-Henri Lartigue.

Over the years I have worn many other creative hats. I have painted, sculpted, written, presented and designed. I have conceived and evolved brands and designed digital and physical products from one-off to industrial scale, working both solo and collaboratively with some of the most exciting minds around, but I keep on coming back to photography.

No matter the creative exploit though, I choose to see them all as tools with purpose, not merely as ways to produce decoration. Now more than ever we need to encourage empathy and sustainability so IĀ use any creative means at my disposal - and collaborate with remarkable talents in their respective fields - to help tell stories that matter.

If you would you like to discuss a project, share an idea or simply chat about bamboo, bokeh, beziers or bonkers beach breaks, email me here